Ilya Trushevsky


date of birth: 18.07.1981 (Leningrad)

location: Moscow, St-Petersburg





2006 - 2007 - École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts. Paris. Atelier Boltanski

2006 –2007 - The Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow, directed by Dr. Joseph Backstein (ICA Moscow). The educational program "New Strategies in Contemporary Art "

2005 – 2006 - The Petersburg's Foundation for Culture and the Arts, PRO ARTE Institute. The MEDIA ART STUDIES programm.

2000 – 2003 – The Saint-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design. Graphic Design dep. Assistent

1998 - 2002 - St-Petersburg State University, Department of Mathematical and Computational Physics



personal exhibitions


2009 – "Dot lights", Red Banner Factory, St-Petersburg

            “Asphalt”, Galerie IRAGUI, Moscow


2008 - “Sweet”, Inkubator, Winzavod, Moscow

“Maps”, Stella Art Foundation, Moscow



2007 – “Metro”, Globe gallery, St-Petersburg

"Naked cities".  Exposition with Jae Soon Lee. Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art. Moscow



collective exhibitions


2009 – Workers Movement. Proekt_Fabrika. Special Project of the Third Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Olivie, Moscow

            "Russian Beauty", NCCA, Moscow 

VIII the Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale "EXPANSE". Lenin museum. Krasnoyarsk

“Art-Factory”. Yekaterinburg

Yarost/ Fury”, Globe gallery, St-Petersburg


2008 – “Russian art: history paradoxes”. Curaters Yara Bubnova, Joseph Backstain. Sophia. Bulgaria

“Russian Povera”. Project idea Sergey Gordeev, Curator Marat Guelman, River Station Hall, Perm

"Qui Vive?" I Moscow International Biennale for Young Art: 2 projects: Laboratoria I, GOP-art.

"Biennale Cuvée". the OK Center. Linz, Austria

            “Burning of light” Central Museum of the Revolution, Moscow

“Memory of fields”.  Globe gallery, Sankt-Petersburg
            “Innovation” The Third Annual Competition. short-list exposition, NCCA. Moscow


2007 – 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.  Main Project, Curator Joseph Backstein. Tower Federation. Moscow

Art-Digital 2006, 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Special Project. CAC M’ARS. Moscow

            “CONTEMPORARY ART IN TRADITIONAL MUSEUM-7” festival, The Central Museum of Railway Transport of Russia. St-Petersburg

“There is no border ....” Galerie im Taxispalais. Innsbruck. Austria

“Genius Loci” Exposition in memori of “Original” printery, art space. Moscow

“XS-Films” NCCA, Moscow

            “War without special reasons”. Armyansky13, appendix, Moscow

"Young everywere", NCCA programm, "Original" printery. Moscow

“Innovation” The Second Annual Competition “Innovation” in nomination “New Generation”. prize exposition, NCCA. Moscow

ART-MOSCOW, "Common feeling", special project, Central exhibition hall, Moscow

2006 – 4rd international festival of young art "Stop!Who's coming?", "URBAN (STILL) LIFE",  PROEKT_FABRIKA . Moscow

ART-MOSCOW, "Re:fwd. Forma?", ICA  project, Central exhibition hall, Moscow

Cycles of exhibitions «Little things: Mirror». Foundation for Culture and the Arts, PRO ARTE Institute. St Petersburg

            Regular exposition. Atelier Boltanski. Paris

2005 - ART-MOSCOW, Special project 'Piterskiye', by Marat Guelman Gallery, Central exhibition hall, Moscow

Hype Gallery, Art&Play, Moscow

2004 - Contemporary Art in Traditional Museum, the annual festival, St-Petersburg



workshops, residence, awards, etc..


2009 – Residence. Shargorod. Ukrain

            Workshop/ Residence. Art Territory, Vilnius, Lithuania

            Scolarship holder of ART EX EAST foundation.

            An Article in «Younger than Jesus: Artist Directory». Biographical information and images from the over 500 artists, published by the New Museum, by Lauren Cornell, Massimiliano Gion,  Laura Hoptman.

2008 – “Soratnik”. Profesional prize for the artistic partnership. Second prize.

“Innovation”. The Third Annual Competition. Short-list.

2007  - Fondationi Antonio Ratti. Joan Joans workshop, Como. Italy

The 9th international festival for new media culture. ART+COMMUNICATION. Miths and Technologies. Riga, Aizpute. Latvia

Ingarphica festival. Parnu. Estonia

“Innovation” The Second Annual Competition “Innovation”. Nominated in “New Generation”. Short-list

2004 – The Saint-Petersburg State Art-Industrial Academy by A. Muhinoy



in collections of


Moscow House of Photography and Multimedia

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Contemporary City Foundation. Moscow

Outset. Contemporary Art Fund. London. UK

Stella Art Foundation, Moscow

Marat Guelman gallery

Michael Tsarev

Art Ex East foundation




Press (selected)


«Culture». «Sweet salt of mannerism». F.Rommer .¹ 19, 22-28/05/2008

«Kommersant». «Geographyc dissection// Sovet Union by Ilya Trushevsky». I.Kulik. ¹ 42. 17/03/2008

«Russian reporter» \\ 5 perspective Russian artist. ¹40 (70)/23/10/2008

«Vremya Novostei». «Into the dark-dark «Metro»...». G.Ershov. 05/12/2007

«Blacksquare». «On sweet(for desert)». K.Semenova. 10/2008

«Artchronika». «GastARTbayters. Trushevsky». E.Fedotova #12/2008
«ArtBest-Seller». 12/2008

«DI».  «Minimal codes Trushevsky». S. Terechova . ¹114. 02.2009 

"Kommersant-spb". "Red Banner of art". A. Matveeva ¹ 241 (4296)  24.12.2009 

"Vremya Novostei". "Standard-bearer  Potemkin" S. Khachaturov. 23.12.2009


«Afisha». «Sweet» and part «Face». A.Rudyck. 15.05.2008

«Afisha Petersburg». «Metro». K.Agunovitch. 26.11.2007

«Afisha Petersburg». «I work in Construction». E. Dementieva. 10.12.2009


«Timeout Moscow». Young and impudent. 10 young artist. ¹25.  30 june 2008
«Timeout Moscow». «Maps». A. Kovalev. 5/03/2008
«Cosmopolitan». Trushevsky. N. Chelnokova. #13. 11/2008


VVORK » 2008» Februar




other activities


2007 – “Original” printery.  Alteranive art-space. co-curator

2006 – MTV Russia, motion-designer

2006 – Fibr Film Production, CG-design, postproduction, 3d

2005 - VGTRK «Culture» , tv-designer

2002 – 2005 - The Saint-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, Graphic Design dep. Assistant. Disciplines: «Methods of computer design in    advertisement»
2003 - 2004  - Lecturer of Saint-Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences, multimedia department.
Disciplines: “APO”




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